Gibberfish Finds a Niche!

When we first announced ourselves on the Diaspora social network, we were quickly contacted by an international aid worker named Oswaldo Saumet who was interested in volunteering for our project.

We asked him to share a little bit about himself and what made him excited about Gibberfish’s platform. Here he is in his own words:

Bogotá Colombia, March 12, 2017

Dear Reader,

My name is Oswaldo Saumet, I’m an IT engineer and expert in telecommunication and ethical hacking. The purpose of this writing is to testify about how open-source initiatives are important not only for the humanitarian sector, but for all human kind. For the last 8 years I was an aid worker for a humanitarian NGO, working mainly in West Africa and the Middle East. These regions often lack respect for basic human rights, privacy and freedom. During my time there, I was in charge of guaranteeing safe communication for our staff workers in the field.

In these hard times, more and more countries restrict the privacy of their citizens.

Working for the humanitarian sector is an amazing experience. There is a moral satisfaction that your work has a real impact in the lives of others, and a joyful flexibility to research and play with different tools. One of my most successful implementations was in 2014 when we had a huge problem in Niger. We had many patients burnt for different reasons. Because of the lack of education, finding a local medic with such skills was almost impossible. So, how could we solve this problem? Using cheap technology and open-source software!

We needed an independent system to ensure patients privacy. We needed a platform that was easy to maintain, easy to deploy, and especially easy to use by people without technical skills. After a couple of months digging, researching and testing, we developed a telemedicine solution that provided us with everything we needed. On our end we maintained a WebRTC server providing end-to-end encryption. In Niger, local doctors used a simple tablet with an HD camera and a web browser.

The result was absolutely fantastic. In our first session a doctor sat with his 6 year old patient, a young boy with burns over 60% of his skin. They received advice from 3 physicians around the world in Senegal, Kenya and Spain. That was really gratifying for me and that’s the reason why I support initiatives like Gibberfish.

Gibberfish provides a free, open-source, secure platform on which groups of all kinds can pursue their mission. In these hard times, more and more countries restrict the privacy of their citizens. We need projects like Gibberfish to make sure we all continue to enjoy our rights.


Oswaldo Saumet

Mr. Saumet is currently helping us test Gibberfish for ease of installation and use. Thanks Oswaldo! You can learn more about him from his LinkedIn profile.