is Now Available in 10 Languages

We’ve signed up with GTranslate to provide on-the-fly machine translations of our site. They support over 100 languages, but we’ve limited it to the ten most commonly used on the internet to start. From the list at the bottom of the page, you can instantly switch between English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Malay, French or German. While these are likely imperfect translations, the service allows us to make custom edits, so if you notice an error please bring it to our attention and we will fix it. If you think we should include other languages, let us know. Gibberfish has no borders, and we would like to make our site accessible to the widest audience possible!

Despite this major leap forward in accessibility, we still need real, human translators for all languages for our Daygate management portal. If you can help by translating our software from English into another language, please email us at gro.hsifrebbignull@ofni. We need and appreciate your help!