We Are Open

With the recent revelations about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and their role in the US presidential elections, there is renewed user discontent with the major social media platforms. Unfortunately, the news media isn’t helping anyone:

There’s just one problem: There isn’t much of anywhere else to go.


The claim that there are no alternatives to Facebook and Twitter is just plain wrong. There is a thriving alternative ecosystem of independent, decentralized social media networks that has existed for years, and continues to improve and grow. These services aren’t owned by large corporations that sell your data to advertisers and political saboteurs. They’re owned by their users. You and me.

You may be tempted to switch but thinking, “all my friends are on Facebook!”. True. So, don’t go it alone. Bring a buddy. Or three. Or four. Find the people on your friends’ list who are also becoming disenchanted, sign up together, and ask them to recruit some of their own friends. It’s going to take a little bit of effort, but when the zero-effort option is continuing to let Facebook sell you as a product it’s going to be effort well spent.

Since our inception, Gibberfish has sponsored our own “pod” on the Diaspora network, but there are many other platforms as well, such as Friendica, Mastodon and Socialhome. Many of them can talk to each other, all of them are free, and they put control of your privacy in your hands, not Mark Zuckerberg’s. When you get there, drop us a line. Now is the time.