The Gift of Tor

TOR (an acronym for The Onion Router) is a worldwide network of internet servers that securely and anonymously relay users’ online traffic to preserve privacy, prevent tracking, and circumvent censorship.

Gibberfish’s Management Portal software relies on the Tor network, and since 2017 we have maintained a special type of relay server known as an Exit. Thanks to the donation of a $100 coupon to DigitalOcean from a Diaspora* user named Hank G, we are temporarily adding five more Exit relays to expand the network’s capacity for the next 60 days!

One of the trade-offs in exchange for anonymity that one can expect when using Tor is speed. While the network functions brilliantly, it’s rarely fast. This is in part because its performance is limited by the number of available Exit relays. Exits are the nodes through which your traffic leaves Tor and talks to the public internet, so they are always in high demand. Unfortunately, many ISPs and hosting providers have punitive policies—if not outright bans—in regard to Exits, which discourages volunteers from running them. The network always needs more.

Each new Exit relay in the network boosts overall performance and increases security. That’s why we’re proud to contribute these five additional servers for the good of the global community. However, in two months when our existing credit runs out we will be forced to shut them down unless we receive your help to keep them alive. Include a note along with your donation letting us know you’d like to support Exit relays for Tor, and we’ll make sure the money goes to the right place. Thanks!