Voynich, Anyone?

In honor of the recent (and hotly contested) claim by Gerard Cheshire that he has successfully deciphered the Voynich manuscript, we decided to have a bit of fun. “Voynich” has been added as a new language option in the Gibberfish Management Portal which will render the interface in a font based on the mysterious Voynich alphabet. Look for it in the language selector on the lower right corner of the page in a forthcoming update.

Page 175; f99r, of the pharmaceutical section

The Voynich manuscript is a book dated to the 15th century. It was written by an unknown author in an unidentified alphabet and language, and contains many bizarre illustrations. The text has been examined extensively by linguists, cryptographers and computer scientists since it surfaced in the early 1900s with no definitive result. Some scholars believe it may be written in some sort of cipher to obscure its meaning, using techniques which precurse modern day cryptography. If it is ciphertext, however, nobody has been able to crack it, leading some to believe it’s nothing more than elaborately inscribed gibberish.