Gibberfish isn’t just committed to helping change-makers. We think everyone has a vested interest in privacy, encryption, and control of their own data. Therefore, we contribute our server resources to other decentralized, privacy-respecting online communities.

The servers listed below are run by us and are freely available to the general public. They are joined to global networks of other volunteer run servers. We do not collect any data about our users. If there are additional services you would like to recommend to us, please use our secure Contact Us form.


SearX Anonymous Search


Searx is a search engine that doesn’t collect data about you. It searches major search engines such as Google and Bing on your behalf, then aggregates the results for you, so you cannot be tracked or profiled. Click here to get started (Tor users can click here instead).


Diaspora* Social Network


We are proud to sponsor our own Diaspora* pod as a part of “The Federation”, a decentralized, user-owned alternative to Facebook. Anyone can sign up for free. Click here!


Mastodon Social Network


Mastodon plays Twitter to Diaspora*’s Facebook. Built upon the longstanding GNUSocial platform, Mastodon offers a sleek new interface, and allows users to communicate with followers across a much larger federated network via 500 character ‘toots’. Click here to sign up, and follow us @gro.hsifrebbig.tootnull@cnI_hsifrebbiG!


 Tor Exit Relay

Tor works by obfuscating your internet browsing habits, which preserves online anonymity and helps you avoid being tracked.  Every time a new relay comes online, it increases the speed and protection for all Tor users, so we’ve created our own! Getting started is as easy as installing the Tor Browser , which automatically sends your traffic through the Tor network